Tools, libraries, frameworks and information for developer.


One of the main goals of this project is to provide helpful tools, utilities and solutions for developers and users. All of them are based on a real problem and try to solve them.


Nothing is more frustrating than inefficient tools and processes. Fast response and a powerful experience is a must!


Software shouldn't make things more complicated. So, easy to configure software (if a configuration is needed at all) is one of the most importent things ever.


Gullap is a fast static website generator based on Mono. Content is written using Markdown. Templating is supported and makes it easy to generate your static website.

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Mostly an Enterprise Service Bus is oversized and difficult to configure and to maintain. This is a "fire and forget" implementation which is really easy to configure, asynchronous and extensible.

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Be part of it!

Nearly all projects are available at GitHub. This means you can contribute and be part of the project of your choice. It doesn't mean that you have to develop, but please give feedback or report issues.

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