Ajax Search for BlogEngine.NET


FastSearch provides an AJAX search for your BlogEngine.NET based website.

FastSearch can be seen as a replacement of the existing BlogEngine.NET search functionality. It can be used as a specific search page, as a search widget or just a search page. All applied styles can be overwritten in your theme's stylesheet.

Please note: FastSearch uses the existing search functionality of BlogEninge.NET (for insiders: Search.cs).

FastSearch was developed for BlogEngine.NET 2.5. It was not tested with lower versions.


FastSearch uses jQuery (which is already used by BlogEngine.NET) and Knockout.js. Knockout.js is included in the package (version 2.0.0).


Extract all contents to the root of your web application. After that you can link to FastSearch.aspx from your menu. The widget is available within the widget-list. To use this search as a single search box you have to include the control into your site.master:

<%@ Register Src="~/User controls/FastSearch.ascx" TagName="FastSearch" TagPrefix="fs" %>
<fs:FastSearch id="fastsearchcontrol" ShowSearchFieldOnly="true" runat="server" />

If you use it as a single search box, set the property ShowSearchFieldOnly to true.


Kudos to @klaus_b0, @Anheledir and @michaelhorkavy for testing and supporting!