Generate release notes from Trello cards

How To


To export release notes start it like shown bellow:

node index.js -g [LISTNAME(S)]

Replace [LISTNAME(S)] with the name of your list that contains the cards and release note for export. In this case the configured boardId from settings.json will be used to find the internal id of [LISTNAME(S)]. In case you have different boards, you can override the configured boardId by using the -b option.

node index.js -g [LISTNAME(S)] -b [BOARDID]

If you want to run a job updating your release notes it might be helpful to set the version by an parameter. This can be done by using the parameter -v.

node index.js -g [LISTNAME(S)] -b [BOARDID] -v [VERSION]


To export all release notes of list 'Done' execute

node index.js -g Done

It is also possible to export release notes of several lists. Call it like this:

node index.js -g "My List 1, My List 2"

This will search My List 1 and My List 2 for cards having release notes.

Please note that the result is a .markdown file that can be processed with other modules like ideamark or mdserv. In this combination you can directly serve your exported release notes via HTTP.

Which cards will be exported?

All cards of the given list having comments that start with RELEASE: (default) are exported. If there are multiple entries having this "flag", all of them are exported. You are able to change this setting in settings.json, change releaseIdentifier to a value you like to use.

Please note that all lists (also archived ones) are considered.

Show available lists

In some cases it is very helpful to view the lists available within the configured board. To get an overview use the option -l or --list:

node index.js -l

This will come up with a complete list, showing the status (open, closed), list id and the name. It's also possible to get a list of a specific status. This options are available:

node index.js -l all       The same as -l without a parameter
node index.js -l open      Shows all lists that are not archived.
node index.js -l closed    Shows all archieved lists

Usage from other modules

It is also possible to use this module from another one. For example to receive all cards having release notes for the specified lists:

var TrelloReceiver = require('./lib/cardreceiver.js');

var lists = ["list1", "list2"];
var receiver = new TrelloReceiver("applicationKey", "userToken", "boardId");

receiver.receive(lists, function(err, cards) {
    if (err) {
        // handle error

    // do something with your cards here

It's also possible to work with lists:

receiver.getLists(filter, function(error,data) {
    if (error) {
        console.log(error instanceof Error ? error.message : error);
    } else {
        if (data) {
            for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
                console.log((data[i].closed ? '[closed] ' : '[open]   ') + data[i].id + ' ' + data[i].name);


The filter defines (if set) which lists to be received. Possible values based on the Trello API: