Generate release notes from Trello cards


trello-releasenotes uses Mu - a fast, streaming Node.js Mustache engine as the templating engine. Have a look at the documentation to get familiar with Mustache. A simple template (it's the default of trello-releasenotes):

# {{header}} {{product}}
{{version}} **{{version_number}}**

{{generated}} **{{date}}**

## {{subheader}}

{{#labels}}  `{{name}}` {{/labels}}

> {{singleNote}}

No release notes available!

As you are able to configure the used templates within settings.json you can add new templates easily. Otherwise feel free to change the existing ones.

This is the available structure for templating:

    "header": "",
    "product": "",
    "version": "",
    "version_number": "",
    "generated": "",
    "date": "",
    "subheader": "",
                "name": "",
                "labels": "",
                "link": "",
                        { "singleNote": "" }

data is an array of all found cards. releasenotes is an array of all release notes found for the card.